Hi I’m James

I’m a UI/UX designer with solid design skills and an interest in continuous improvement, design systems and brand alignment. I enjoy working with stakeholders to understand their requirements, to optimise products and achieve great results. 10+ yrs experience in E-Commerce, Employee Benefits, HR, and Professional Services.

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TMF Group Mega Menu

Mega Menu

TMF Group

Mega Menu navigation, accessibility and making room for ...

Amazon Gift Card

Gift Card


Create a product that would allow a user to create an Amazon ...

Waitrose Instore Rewards

Instore Rewards


Allowing users to register a card with Perks at Work ...

Mastercard MarketPlace Registration Process

MarketPlace Registration Process


With the global launch of MasterCard MarketPlace in 2011 ...

Best Buy Electronics Store

Electronics Store

Best Buy

The Corporate Perks electronics store markets 1200+ products ...

Buy a Gift Experience Days

Experience Days

Buy a Gift

Every experience and product on offer from Buy A Gift was ...

Cineworld CinemaPerks



This product offers uses the ability to purchase Cinema ...

Orange Custom Site Build

Custom Site Build


Complete reskin of the corporate perks product to ...

BBC Local Deals

Local Deals


BBC employees have access to many offers located close to ...

Bank of America Perks at Work

Perks at Work

Bank of America

Imagery from the Bank of America image library was ...

BP Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary Benefits


Custom categories were created for BP so their employees ...

O2 Virtual Health Fair

Virtual Health Fair


This homepage placement was used to promote O2's Virtual ...

Lloyds Banking Group Custom Voluntary Benefits

Custom Voluntary Benefits

Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Banking Group employees have access to many local ...

Siemens My Deals Integrated Offers

My Deals Integrated Offers


Bosch offer many products to Siemens employees at a ...

Santander Products and Services

Products and Services


Santander employees have access to many internal products and ...

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